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July 29, 2013
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Dark clouds scattered the sky as the squids began to attack once more. Great. It was going to rain. My fellow recruits charged, regardless of the pelting rain. Squids fell, but so did our army, blood poured from recruits' wounds and mouths. It was a poor sight, not the best thing to see while a war was going on.

"CHARGE!" I screamed, as me and Team Crafted ran towards Herobrine and his soldiers. After several of the guards were defeated, the first person to fall was Jerome. I heard Mitch scream out in horror as the dead body fell to the ground, lifeless. Tears streamed down Mitch's face, and he tried to regain himself by growling at Herobrine.

"Growling won't help, only magic will." Hissed Herobrine, clawing Ty in the face. He screamed as blood poured out of his wound. He stumbled back in pain and the spaceman caught him before he fell onto the sharp rocks and dangerous weapons of fallen soldiers.

"And magic does not exist on this land..."

I looked at my bloody hands, which hurt more than anything at the moment. Herobrine doesn't think magic existed. I did though. I smiled sickly at the evil master and said very slowly and quietly,

"Magic doesn't exist eh?"


We all looked surprised and shocked at Herobrine's dead body. One shot from my deadly kiosk attack and KO. Kermit started shuddering and he spoke up, much to the surprise of everyone else as he was a very quiet person.


I hesitated to tell them. Seto looked at me and nodded, he was the only one who new that I had power inside of me as he was magical too, but no one new that. I sighed and stared at them with my bland red eyes.

"I-I" I started, getting everyone's attention. "I-I am Notch's s-son."

"WHAT?!" Cried everyone except the sorcerer who just smiled at me. I repeated what I said to make sure that everyone heard right. I tried explaining this to my old friends: Benny and Lynda, but they had just laughed and walked away as if it was just a typical joke. It was true, I was Notch's son, but I live a normal life and I barely get to talk or even interact with my father, as he is a very busy man. It had been a year or two since I've seen him, and to be honest, it wasn't great fun to have only one parent that didn't look after you. I had to live solo ever since I could hunt, which was the age of 7. Now I'm 19. I'm not alone anymore because I have my friends: Team Crafted with me when I met them when I was 16. Yep.

"Are you messing with us?"

"Not." I said truthfully. They all nodded and I knew at once that they knew I was not lying.

"Lets go inside, the rain has stopped but its still freezing!" Shivered sky. Everyone agreed and we went inside. Once we were all settled inside, they made me tell the, a story about me and Notch.


                                             - Flashback -

I looked at my surroundings, golden chandeliers overhang over me. I picked up my small crown and sighed, it was sometimes really boring being the son of god, or notch as we call him. I brushed my bangs out of the way and walked up to my father, and he immediately began talking of me going out into the world, exploring, making new friends and out of this place. It was healthy for a young boy like me to start hunting as you needed to know how to to be able to survive, (at that time, I was 7)

"Son, lets start training."

"For what dad?"

"You're going to leave this place soon, so we have to set you up to be able to hunt!"

"YAY!" I cried enthusiastically. We went outside and he gave me a bow and a bunch of arrows. He pointed to a target about a hundred blocks away. He told me to try my best and try to hit the middle. I pulled back the bow, and let go, the arrow flying past like a flash and onto the middle of the target. Notch looked at me with a wide open mouth. He smiled and patted my back.

"You're a natural, son!"

                                       - Flashback ended -

"Wow, I guess we will be calling you: The Rightful Ruler Of Minecraftia and an expert archer, Ethan."

I smiled and I looked at the sky, hoping my father could see me right now. I brushed my silver hair out of the way and looked back at my friends, some dead but still always will be friends.

"The Rightful Ruler Of Minecraftia, an expert archer, AND a normal person with the best friends for life..."

Sky Army OneShots #3~ Son Of Notchby CocoRaspberryCookies

Literature / Fan Fiction / General Fiction©2013-2014 CocoRaspberryCookies

Adam (Skydoesminecraft), Ty (Deadlox), Jason (MinecraftUniverse), Husky/Quentin (HuskyMudkipper), Jerome (ASF Jerome), Mitch (BajanCanadian), Seto (Setosorcerer), Ian (Ssundee)

Ethan (5m), Notch
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