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July 27, 2013
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(Team Crafted were having fun in the sun while Seto was sobbing in his room, his face buried in the pillow. He has been in this position for the last hour or so. Jevine had given him his lunch a few moments ago, but he just flicked her away with a teared stained face. She had thought that Seto was quite rude, unknowing that he was going through a hard time. Meanwhile, Adam had just finished drying himself up and was heading towards the hotel. He smiled as the warm rays of the sun pelted in his face, also as a refreshing breeze blew in the air.)

Adam: Hi.

Jevine: Oh, hello Adam. Kermit says thank you for the lunch, and also I think you need to talk to the dude with he robes. I tried to give him the lunch, but he just flicked his hand at me. Quite rude. He looked like he had been crying.

Adam: You mean Seto?

Jevine: Uh, we'll if he wore grey robes with a red creeper face on his shirt, yeah I guess.

Adam: Okay, I'll go talk to him now.

Jevine: See you than!

(Adam nodded at the girl and quickly walked to his room. He tripped several times going up the stairs, and groaned when he got up, seeing an elevator next to him. As he opened the door, he was encountered with Seto, lying on his bed, and crying into his pillow. Adam stood there for a few moments looking at his friend with a concerned face, before walking up.)

Adam: Seto?


Adam: What's wrong?!


Adam: (Sighing) You need to tell me what's wrong, you're my friend.

(Adam lifted Seto up, who didnt struggle, much to Adam's surprise. When Seto was sitting opposite him, Adam started to talk again. The sorcerer sniffed and looked at his feet, shifting uncomfortably.)

Adam: Seto.....

Seto: (Talking quickly) Everyonehatesme.Ihavenightterrorbecauseicutandknowihavenoideawhattodo.Iusetocutduetodepressionandhowmuchpeoplehatedmewheniwassmaller,everyoneusetobullymefortheirentertainmentandimafraidifitoldyouguysyouwouldntwanttobemyfriendanymore.Itrunintothismonsterwhensomeoneisnearmewhenimsleeping.iattackedKermittwicesofarandidontwanttohurthimoranyoneanymore!

Adam: What? Talk slowly!

Seto: (Sighing) I have night terrors, and I have been having them for a few years now. whenever I'm near someone when I'm asleep, I turn into this monster and attack them. I've attacked Kermit twice now, and I don't want to risk hurting anyone else. It started when I stopped cutting. I use to cut due to depression. Everyone hates me. I don't want to lose my friends and be empty again....

(Adam is stunned about what Seto had just said, and shook his head. He passed his friend a tissue and looked him straight in the eye.)

Adam: Well I'm not going to let you be empty again, and that's a promise. I'm going to get the guys to help you with your night terrors.

Seto: B-but...

Adam: I'll call the others up to come up and talk.

Seto: B-

Adam: Come on.

(Seto sighed in defeat as Adam gave him a phone to call his friends. They started by calling their roommates.)

Seto: Hi Dawn

Dawn: Hey Seto. You know, why do you have to call me? Cant you just come and get me? What do you want anyways?

(Seto is ready to burst into tears (again) and Dawn realises, even if he is at the end of the phone.)

Dawn: I'll be right there!

(The two finish calling all of their friends, and they all enter the scented room at once. Kermit realises what this is all about and nods at Seto. Seto doesn't take any notice at anyone and just looks down at his folded legs and hands. Dawn come to sit next to Adam, and pecks him on the lips, only to get pushed away with annoyed look.)

Dawn: What?

Adam: Im not in the mood right now!

Dawn: Fine.

Adam: I know it's suppose to be a free, relaxing vacation, but we have something series on our hands.

(Everyone whispers to each other, and continues to listen intensely. Adam explains to them about Seto's night terrors, how he got them and the plan to help him leave them behind. Ssundee floods his arms as if he does not believe anything that the butter god had just said.)

Ssundee: Knowing that it is Adam and Seto, this is probably a prank. I know that Seto is an incredible actor, and can fake tears very easily. So, I demand to see the cuts that Seto has, because I am sure if he cut due to depression, there would be at least a few permanent scars!

(Ssundee points at Seto's sleeves and motions him to pull them up. Seto shakes his head almost immediately and Ssundee smiles as he thinks he is right.)

Ssundee: Seto does not want to pull his sleeves up, so that means he is a liar!

(Tears stream Seto's face as he pulled one of his sleeves down, revealing several scars down his arm. Ssundee gasps in astonishment, so as everyone else in the room except Adam and Kermit.)

Ssundee: H-he's telling t-the t-thruth.......

Husky: Then we must get going and help Seto cure his night terrors before anyone else gets hurt!

All except Husky and Seto: YEAH!

Sorry it's so short guys!

All characters belong to themselves!


Adam (Skydoesminecraft), Ty (Deadlox), Jason (MinecraftUniverse), Husky/Quentin (HuskyMudkipper), Jerome (ASF Jerome), Mitch (BajanCanadian), Seto (Setosorcerer), Ian (Ssundee)

Jevine belongs to me :iconcocoraspberrycookies:
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